The Judging Panel has historically included nominated representatives of the various professional institutes, vocational societies and trade or industry associations involved in logistics and supply chain management in Southern Africa. Our judges are experienced veterans of the industry who bring their decades of experience to the judging process. Other industry representatives may be added to our judging panel from time to time to enrich the judging process.


Step One

By clicking on any of the "enter now" tabs, entrants can start the entry process and submit a brief overview of their project. This entry will be logged onto the LAA schedule to ensure they are kept informed of all activities relating to the competition. Please note that there is no entrance fee.


Step Two

On being accepted as a valid entry to the LAA, entrants will be requested to complete an expanded entry template, offering greater detail on your project. Based on the information supplied, the judges can at this stage assess the suitability of the entry.


Step Three

A member of the judging panel will then contact the entrant’s representative to arrange a site visit. On this visit, the entrant is expected to discuss and elaborate on the entry details, demonstrate what the company or organisation has undertaken with respect to the entry project, addressing the core issues, and answer any questions that the judges may feel are appropriate.

A visit typically takes between 2-4 hours depending on the nature of the entry.

It is important to note that the judges sign a confidentiality agreement with Logistics News regarding all information supplied to them in respect of their judging role in this competition. As this is essentially a factfinding visit, no official feedback relating to the entry status in the competition will be provided at this point.


Step Four

In this final step, all short-listed entrants will be required to present the entry to the full panel of judges via Zoom. Ample notice will be provided on a date to present to the panel in order to prepare.